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A website called Joker lets you stream torrent files from your browser without downloading the whole thing. This means everybody who downloads Game of Thrones will have an even shorter wait period between the show airing and finding out where Daenerys put those dragons.


Musicmetric, an analytics company, tallied up all the torrenting that happens across the world to find out which country is the biggest pirate and while the United States is an unsurprising number one, Australia is wedged in halfway down the list.


I was under the impression that product recalls were a rare thing. Turns out this isn't the case — all you have to do is peruse the ACCC Recalls Australia iPhone app, launched recently by everyone's favourite consumer watchdog, to see there's quite a number of recalls in the wild.


We're often tagged as a nation of content pirates, but for the music industry it seems that data shows Australia to be a 'holy grail' nation. Like almost nowhere in the world, in 2009 Australians spent enough money on digital music that it more than covered the drop in spending on physical copies.


At 9pm PST (3pm AEST), Internet Explorer 9 will officially launch as the latest and greatest browser from Microsoft, and like IE8 before it, it takes another big step closer to competing with other modern browsers. IE9 introduces a new streamlined interface, improved performance, Windows 7 integration, and more.