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Not everyone has the time to painstakingly brew the perfect cup of coffee each morning. That's why simple capsule coffee machines like Nespresso have become so popular. And if you're embarrassed at taking a shortcut for your morning brew, you can distract your judgemental coffee snob friends with this brilliant Donkey Kong-inspired Nespresso capsule rack.


This isn't the same tabletop Pac Man game you played as a kid in pizza parlors. No, this one has been been updated with a more modern screen and a futuristic-looking-exterior. But the gameplay is strictly retro: Pac Man, Donkey Kong Junior, Dig Dug, 1942, Galaga and 55 other classic arcade games can be found on this thing. That said, $US3500 for a bunch of 30 year old games in a fancy looking shell seems like a lot.


Lego. Mindstorms RCX. Donkey Kong. Rolling barrels. Donkey Kong throws rolling barrels. Mario jumps. And jumps. And jumps. All synchronised. Dan Kressin even generated the game start tune with Lego. After seeing it in action—and hearing the rattling noise it makes—I want this on the wall of my bedroom, as my alarm clock. Videos and high res pictures after the jump.


Here's a really great image looking back at the royal roots of the three Nintendo big boys; Mario, Link and Donkey Kong. There isn't any monochrome character love from the old days proper, but it is quite an extensive time line nonetheless, which culminates in the modern day incarnations of our beloved superheroes. Things we have learnt from the image include the fact that Donkey Kong once had breasts bigger than Pamela, Link has been know to walk about without his hat and Mario hasn't always had enough pixels for a well defined mustache. It is all rather shocking stuff; brace yourself and jump in for the money shot.