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The Director of National Intelligence (DNI) in the US has released hundreds of pages of documents related to the US government's secret interpretation of Patriot Act Section 215 and the NSA's (mis)use of its massive database of every American's phone records. The documents were released as a result of EFF's ongoing Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.


A group of Tufts University students enjoying the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade last Thursday noticed something unsettling about the confetti being tossed around. Instead of being made from blank coloured paper, it had bits of confidential information on it like licence plate numbers, phone numbers and addresses, made from sensitive documents from the Nassau County Police Department.


An old PR adage says if you have bad news, release it on Friday when it's less likely to cause a stir. So perhaps that's why Apple announced it's killing off iWork.com on, you guessed it, this past Friday.