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JB Hi-Fi has between 30%-40% off high-end audio gear from now until next Sunday in what it's calling its "Audio Avalanche" sale. Brands like Yamaha and Pioneer are 30% off, as are microsystems from Panasonic and iPod docks from Logitech. You'll nab 40% off PURE digital radios and JBL iPod docks, as well.


Despite my constant suggestions to upgrade, there's still one piece of technology in our house that's old enough to be considered an antique - my wife's bedside clock radio. She's owned that thing for at least 20 years, and although it still works, it reeks of 80s gadget ugliness. I'm seriously considering the Siesta Mi from Pure as a replacement.


There aren't too many people out there who'd want a dedicated DAB+ radio that did nothing other than receive digital radio broadcasts. But a combo device like Kogan's that supports Internet and FM radio, plus has an iPod dock built in and streams your music collection over Wi-Fi? That's a product people might want to buy...