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This 29.6-carat blue diamond was found last week at the Cullinan Diamond Mine near Pretoria, South Africa, the same mine where the famous South of Africa blue diamond -- the second largest cut diamond in the world -- was discovered. The mining company claims that it is "extremely valuable".

Pressure that can melt diamond, an electromagnetic pulse that can kill, and enough current to light 100 million light bulbs. Such are the extremes within the Z machine at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In this image, artificial lightning spread like a wave through Z's 33-metre-wide interior.

Considering how Sol Trujillo likes to roll with the big dogs, I always imagined him walking through the streets with a small army of special forces agents protecting him from the scum of the earth (and us regular folks). But it turns out he actually enjoys rubbing shoulders with the little people -- so close that they can casually walk away with his special prototype HTC phone running Windows Mobile 6.5.

We were surprised to see the HTC Diamond just coming in white, but those in France now have the opportunity to pick up the Diamond in one of seven colours: White, blue, brown, fuchsia, yellow, purple or rose. Unless you're packing up to move abroad, chances are you'll never see most, if any of these Skittlesfied options. But we thought we'd show you just to rub it in. Happy Monday!

From left to right: HTC Touch HD, HTC Touch Diamond, and HTC Touch Pro. Note that while the Touch HD's footprint isn't much bigger, the screen appears ginormous.

We know, there are other, more exciting HTC touchscreen phones one their way. But you shouldn't forget about the good old Touch Diamond just yet. Why? Because, it's coming to stores (somewhere) in white this October. Though in a similar fashion to the iPhone 3G, the back may have a new coat, but the front panel still comes in black only (probably to help the display's colours pop). Here's the mega pic version:

True to their word, the folks at Sprint came through and put the HTC Touch Diamond up for sale today at Sprint.com, just as we said they would. Nothing's changed since we confirmed the September 14 release date 10 days ago, and that includes the US$250 price tag, with a two-year contract, and US$100 mail-in rebate. The US$200 price point we yearned for earlier did not make a surprise appearance today. Bummer.

We've already seen phones like the HTC Touch Diamond and Touch Pro, but according to some legit-looking internal documentation, the HTC Opal is the official sequel to the original HTC Touch. Word has it that the Opal will ship with the 3D TouchFLO interface we've seen in the latest HTC products (which makes sense), but unfortunately, the spec sheet dated from July shows that the Opal still lacks 3G and features the same 200MHz processor as its predecessor.