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You know that disappointing feeling when you bite into a banana and there's nothing on the inside? Normally they can't compete with the likes of a caramel-packed tube of Rolos, but the DestapaBanana levels the playing field. It lets you inject bananas -- still in their peel -- with all kinds of fillings so you can (pretend to) eat healthy and enjoy your snack.


Science hasn't gotten around to officially proving it just yet, but everyone knows it's all but impossible to hate Winnie the Pooh. Even though the yellow bear's admitted to stealing honey, harassing rabbits, promoting obesity and other antics -- that the designers at Nendo have captured in this adorable glassware collection featuring sculpted silicone lids and coasters.


The steady methodical flow of sand through an hourglass as it succumbs to the pull of gravity is a great way to kill time -- but not a very productive one. This clever alternative hopes to change that, at least if you consider creating art a valuable use of one's time. It swaps boring old sand for fine magnetic filings the produce unique patterns and structures as they stack up on a magnet in the base.