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The world is still trying to figure out why every home would need a 3D printer, but in the professional world they continue to thrive. At the International Dental Show currently going on in Germany, Stratasys announced a new 3D printer that uses multiple materials at once to create startlingly realistic dental models in a single print run.


Teeth don't grow back, as your dentist might like to remind you while revving up the drill for a root canal. But scientists have now found a way to regenerate dentin, the hard stuff in the middle of the tooth, right in the mouth. It's surprisingly simple too — all it takes is a blast of laser.


Scientists are hard at work on making teeth regrow the crystals that make up dentin and enamel, allowing them to phase out fillings and drillings completely. The goal is to spot tooth decay early and then get the teeth to grow healthy tooth-matter over the bad spots. No fuss, no muss. They say that the tech will be ready for primetime in just a few years. So long, toothbrush! I don't need you anymore!


Flossing sucks. I tell my dentist I floss, but I really don't, because I hate flossing. Using a waterpik is a nice alternative to flossing, but I'm not the kind of guy who goes out and buys fancy appliances for my mouth. This, however, could change that: the ShowerFloss. Attach it in your shower behind your showerhead and add your gums to the list of body parts you clean in the shower. It comes with two different coloured piks so you and your significant other can share the bounty of healthy gums, and it'll set you back a mere $US25. Your dentist will be so proud!


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Say hello to Simroid, a new robot from Japan designed to help train dentists. Forgive me for being a little off-colour here, but this thing looks like it's better suited to give BJs, but it's looking a little too downsy to sell well in any of Japan's numerous sex shops. In any case, it's loaded up with sensitive teeth so it can say "that hurts" if it gets stabbed in the gums or something. It also has a gag reflex so it can react if an "instrument" is stuck down its throat. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to step away from the keyboard before I write jokes about this thing that'll get me fired. Must… practice… restraint…