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Very few Star Trek fans believe that the first seasons of Deep Space Nine — focusing on the unstable relationship between the Bajoran government, its spiritual leaders, and the only-sort-of welcome Federation — are its strongest. But it’s gotten me thinking lately that it could form the basis of a fascinating Trek show in its own right.

I will be the first person to declare my love of the wildly uneven Star Trek: Voyager above the rest of Star Trek (actually that's a lie, because my colleague Katharine has beaten me to the punch on this several times). But friends: collectively, we are re-watching far too much Voyager on Netflix.

Deep Space Nine's fans have spoken, and they want a behind-the-scenes look at their beloved yet divisive Star Trek series. Less than a day after DS9's cast and crew announced a fundraising campaign to complete What We Left Behind, the documentary reached its goal of $US150,000 ($196,575) in funding... and that number's still going up.