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There have been plenty of App Store sales before, some of them quite extensive. But Apple's never offered discounts of this magnitude before. Some of the best — and most expensive — games and apps you can find on iOS are free today, presumably in honour of the App Store's five-year anniversary. Here are the ones you need to download first.


Looking for the best bang for your PC buck? Our friends at Laptop Magazine and Laptop Mag — who oversee 140+ notebook and netbook reviews every year — have rounded up the top performers under $800.


A Blu-ray player for under a hundred bucks is a pretty good deal. A 3D-ready Blu-ray player from a reputable manufacturer for $US98 with bulit-in Wi-Fi, Netflix, Amazon VOD, and Pandora support? That's just nuts. But that's what the Sony BDP-S570 is going for over at Dell, a full $US150 off suggested retail. Even if you have no intention of ever buying a 3D set, this is a pretty sweet bargain. Happy New Year!


Today we've got great deals on a 14" Dell laptop, a 21" LED LCD monitor, a free sample of Tide with Febreeze, and much more. This is the last #deals post of 2010...see you next year!


Time to spend your holiday bonuses on gadgets. We've got great deals on a 17" Dell laptop and a 40" Silo HDTV. Or go for the free stuff, like a free sample of Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner.


Get ready to sit down with today's hot app deals, including heaps of free iOS games, Comics for Android and Sudoku Unlimited for Windows Phone 7!


A few extra apps on your phone can make the difference between a boring and a fun-filled, entertaining travel experience. Do yourself a favour - check out the great selection in today's app deals and stock up!