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Video: At a Bastille Day event on Friday, the French army marching band did something unusual and amazing: They played electronic music unplugged. And not just any electronic music, either. The horns and drums and woodwinds performed a stunning medley of Daft Punk's greatest hits. Donald Trump apparently did not enjoy it.


Video: Have you ever found yourself listening to some classic '70s funk, rock or disco and suddenly recognised a portion of the song you swear you've heard elsewhere? As YouTube's Daftworld reveals, it was probably in a Daft Punk track, given the duo's almost bizarrely impressive ability to turn classic samples into electro hits.


Sucks to be anyone who enters a Halloween costume contest and finds themselves up against the ridiculously talented craftsmen at LoveProps. They just completed work on this flawless replica of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo's Daft Punk helmet that's as gorgeous as it is fully-functional.


Welcome to the trailer park! This week: The awesome-looking upcoming Daft Punk documentary, Marvel’s new Netflix series Jessica Jones, Stallone's Rocky returns and the guys behind The Raid go bat shit Vampire Yakuza crazy.


Our favourite musical robots, Daft Punk, picked up four Grammy Awards last night. They also performed their award-winning song Get Lucky with the legendary Stevie Wonder, and it's so awesome to hear it performed live with mashup elements from other Daft Punk hits. Check it out.


One more time. Even if you wear earplugs, turn off the radio and stay away from noisy clubs, you know Daft Punk's song 'One More Time'. It's one of those songs that seems to be inserted into the memory of every human who has existed since the year 2000. Here, EDM producer Sadowick Production reveals how Daft Punk made the song from a sample the French duo says they didn't use. It's quite shocking how easy it was to recreate.