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I feel both impressed and a bit freaked out by the newest art piece by Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang. Called Heritage, it includes 99 life-size sculptures of wild animals drinking in peace and harmony from a water pond. But perhaps the most impressive installation is Head On, which shows 99 wolves flying.


Once, when I was a boy, my parents decided to take my sister and I into the city for a day trip. We lived a few hours north, so travelling into the heart of Sydney was a rare treat. Dad worked in Sydney so coming in on his weekend wasn't something we really ever did. As a novelty, my parents decided to take us on the Monorail, and it was a trip that changed me. Come Sunday, the monorail will embark upon its final flight. This is its story.


Much of New York City is still suffering huge power outages, meaning users are scrounging for juice to keep food fresh and gadgets alive. It's not all bad though. The massive outage from Sandy has given way to some of the best photos I have ever seen of the Big Apple in this series dubbed "NYC Unplugged".


If you're like me, then you're always wondering what it would be like to bounce a ball through space. Wonder no longer, intrepid reader, as we show you this beautiful see-saw currently set up in Melbourne's Federation Square that lets players bounce light back and forth like you're on another world.


Joss Whedon was handed a huge task in both writing and directing Marvel's The Avengers, given that it's the culmination of a sequence of half-a-dozen other movies. How well did he assemble his Avengers?