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As you prepare an amazing feast, you'll probably realise there's something missing in your kitchen. But it's not a key side dish you've forgotten -- it's enough power outlets to keep hot plates, slow cookers, coffee makers and all your other appliances running. The folks behind the Crock-Pot have got your back though, with a modular set of slow cookers that can be daisy-chained so they only need a single outlet.


It's Friday night. You're out on the town when suddenly the realisation hits: you totally forgot to turn off the crock-pot before you left for the evening. Now, instead of coming home to a delicious beef brisket dinner, you're going to come home to inedible charred mass. But with Crock-pot's new smart cooker, you can set your meal to warm from half a world away.


Slow cookers are great because you can throw in your ingredients in the morning and by the time you get home from work dinner is done. But stuff happens, and sometimes you forget about that roast simmering away, and next thing you know you burn your meal and your house down. Enter the WeMo Smart Crock Pot to solve all your woes.