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If you're a fan of discovering new anxieties that you didn't even know you had, then consumer group Which? has some good news: It turns out that the contactless payment card in your pocket might not be as secure as you assumed.


Credit card companies often strip your details from their records and then share it with third parties, claiming that it's anonymised. But a new study from MIT reveals that analysis of just four purchases made on your card can identify you with more than 90 per cent accuracy, even when your details are removed.


Foursquare and American Express supposedly inked a deal that offers discounts to Amex card holders in stores like Sports Authority and NYC restaurants like the Union Square Cafe. This is just an early trial and limited in scope, but the discounts are impressive. I'm not a big Foursquare user but I would use it more if got a $US20 credit each time I spent $US50 at Sports Authority.