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The dirty secret about robot vacuums is that they can’t actually clean your entire house. They’re great for floors, but are completely useless for cleaning all of your other other dust-covered surfaces. It’s a problem the Coral One—a robovac with a removable handheld cleaner—was engineered to solve. Its design is undoubtedly a clever solution to the problem, but the execution, unfortunately, isn’t the answer to our robovac woes.

Even after spending $US950 ($1335) on the new self-emptying Roomba, there will still be a lot of places in your home that require another vacuum to clean them. It’s a problem common to all robot vacuums — except the new Coral One. Built into this robovac is a removable hand vac that can be used to clean anywhere in your home the floor-constrained robot can’t — such as stairs or shelves.