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Apple isn’t known for its web apps, though you can now access a lot of its core apps (in basic form) through iCloud on the web. It doesn’t include Apple Music, but Apple does make APIs available for the service that other programmers can hook into — and that means there are now several third-party online players for Apple Music.

Telcos keep shovelling more and more data into phone plans, especially when it comes to the high-end. Spending around $40 per month can now easily get you at least 30GB, which is not only great news for data-lovers, but bargain-hunters too thanks to a trickle-down from the big data plans into the cheaper price categories

While low-cost phone plans haven't had their allowances rise exponentially, there are some definite gems to be found.

At CES a reporter asked Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang what could he say to alleviate the concerns of fans who felt that the new RTX 20-series GPUs were overpriced and trying to force ray tracing technology on customers who don’t have much use for it? Huang smiled, a mixture of serenity and satisfaction.

“2060,” he said as if those four numbers were the secret to life and all of Nvidia’s success. Huang was referencing the just announced Nvidia RTX 2060 GPU, a card that’s pricier than its equivalent in previous generations, but still your most accessible entry point to the future of graphics.

There are two smartphone releases each year that people most look forward; new iPhones and the latest Samsung Galaxy S series. The Samsung Galaxy S10 is expected to be officially announced in about four weeks in the prelude to Mobile World Congress. And now, the first pictures of the Galaxy S10 being used have emerged.

The calendar has to be one of the most-used apps on any smartphone—keeping track of appointments, birthdays, vacations, and more—but if you’ve stuck with the one Apple or Google gives you on your phone then you’re missing out. These are five of the best alternative calendar apps that give you something more.