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As we remember the now-officially-dead Opportunity rover this week, one fact keeps sticking out to me: That machine travelled a whopping 45km across the surface of another planet. And it did so in short, nerve-wracking spurts.

Spread over the course of 14 years, 45km may not sound like that much, but consider the many obstacles Oppy faced — including an agonising 38 days stuck spinning its wheels in a soft sand dune.

Is it even possible to go for a swim without at some point humming the two-note Jaws theme in your head as you approach other swimmers? The stalking/hunting mentality of our ancestors is still buried deep in our brains, which means that you and your friends are going to fight over who gets to play the shark in Ravensburger’s new officially licensed Jaws game.

Think of the ultimate tool for separating grownup ‘80s kids from their hard-earned cash and it’s hard to imagine it will look any different than what Hasbro’s revealing at the New York Toy Fair this weekend: A Transformers meets Ghostbusters mashup that sees Ecto-1 transforming into a ghost-trapping robot toy. And we are giddy to exclusively show it to you.

In December of last year, Rolling Stone reported that at a Taylor Swift concert at the 2018 Rose Bowl, there was a mysterious kiosk playing clips of the singer that doubled as a facial recognition system to flag any of Swift’s stalkers.

A number of reports covered the alleged kiosk — including Gizmodo — but little was known at the time about the surveillance system. Now we have answers to some key questions about this kiosk, including who was behind it.

When Samsung released the Galaxy Tab S4, I liked its blend of sleek design, long battery life, and Android-based OS supported by Samsung’s Dex desktop software. But its steep price and outdated specs made it impossible to love.

That might change with the new Galaxy Tab S5e. Samsung streamlined its flagship tablet to create a new super thin all-rounder.