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The synthetic compounds (PFCs) that help the fabrics used in rain jackets repel moisture have an unfortunate downside: They don't naturally break down and are far from environmentally-friendly. It's kind of the ugly secret of the performance wear world, but Columbia has finally come up with an eco-friendly waterproof alternative.


You won't find it in stores just yet, but if you look closely at the jackets and other gear worn by US, Canadian and Russian athletes at the upcoming 2014 Olympics, you might catch a glimpse of Columbia Sportswear's new waterproof zipper technology. Or you might not since it's been engineered to be almost invisible when zipped shut.


If you're worried about getting your phone snatched on a dark sidewalk, here's a top security tip: don't own an iPhone. A spat of attempted phone-jackings at Columbia University have one thing in common: thugs don't want your Android.


A damaged thermal tile on the shuttle Endeavor's heat shield has raised some eyebrows with the mission's management team. The tile will be inspected using the shuttle's robotic arm, outfitted with a high-res camera and a laser, for safety's sake.


In what's a slightly suspicious coincidence, but Sony's suddenly pulled a bunch of its movies from the Xbox's Netflix Watch Instantly streaming service just a few hours before Microsoft's New Xbox Experience goes live. Previously available titles like Superbad and Bad Boys, which are owned by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment subsidiary Columbia Pictures, have been made unavailable for Xbox users. Netflix VP Steve Swasey says there's no foul play involved, and that the NXE Instant Queue had just run into a licensing issue with Columbia Pictures.