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Climate change is real. Greenhouse gas emissions are reshaping our natural environment and causing an increase in global temperatures that have contributed to the devastating bushfires currently raging across Australia. But some people are still ignorant of the realities of climate change, instead choosing to believe the fires are the work of arsonists, or imagined changes to Australia's hazard reduction policy. While Australia burns, this disinformation is spreading online, often unchecked. It's time we stopped ignoring it.

You’re scrolling through your phone and transfixed by yet more images of streets reduced to burnt debris, injured wildlife, and maps showing the scale of the fires continuing to burn. On the television in the background, a woman who has lost her home breaks down, while news of another life lost flashes across the screen.

As you drive your internal combustion car, the engine is drinking gas, gobbling up air, and farting out a continuous stream of carbon dioxide, among other things. This is bad, because CO2 traps heat in the earth’s atmosphere, resulting in a runaway greenhouse effect that will leave earth a barren hellscape. But, there is another gas in many cars that is over a thousand times more effective at hellscaping the planet.