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I moved to Sydney less than five weeks ago and the city has been shrouded in smoke haze on and off since then. I joke this is my “Sydney hazing” but it’s only now – having worked on climate change for over a decade – that I’m suddenly feeling burnt out. This is not in any way to compare my experience to those who have lost their homes, communities and loved ones to the bushfires.

There was a stark juxtaposition outside of Sydney's Town Hall before Wednesday's climate rally: as thousands of protesters gathered in the hour preceding the event, a giant Christmas tree loomed over them while people dressed in clashes of red and green, some in Santa hats, hurried to seasonal parties and pub crawls.

The Green New Deal is a massive proposal that aims to take on the climate crisis—the greatest threat humanity has ever faced—while creating millions of jobs and boosting economic equality. That’s going to take plans for everything from electricity to housing to flood control, not to mention a fuckload of political will and, if it’s done right, a commitment to social justice and democracy. These changes are all necessary and urgent, but the scope is still enough to make you dizzy.

Behind every climate strike, airport sit-in, or pipeline shutdown is a group of hard-working individuals who’ve made it their life’s mission to save the world. Some organisers are employed full-time by major environmental organisations; others may be contractors. Either way, they can attest that the work is never easy—and their employers don’t always give them the compensation they rightly deserve.

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