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The Twitwee Clock is one ungodly amalgam: part Cuckoo Clock, part Chumby, part Twitter updater. And it's customisable; you can make that little bird sing based on Twitter keywords of your choosing. Advice: don't set it to "Justin Bieber".

Although not as much fun as hiding a flask in a Danielle Steel book, this Chumby-in-a-hollow-book would look mighty fine on any bedside table, waking you up each morning with the latest news, Tweets and YouTube videos.

Ryan Block, founder of gdgt (and possible alter ego of Mr. Blurrycam), spotted a new model of Chumby, the connected-widget desktop companion. He promises it's a little more square and alarm-clock-like, as well as smaller, than the previous version.

If you were holding out for Internode to release the 2009 model Chumby before you got yourself a Wi-Fi enabled desktop beanbag companion thing of your very own, then now's your chance - they've just announced the 2009 version is on sale for $349.