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YouTube is making even more changes to the way you watch videos, just in case you thought the video platform was done complicating its service after introducing YouTube Music. As noticed by MacRumors, YouTube is now testing non-chronological subscription feeds, a feature pretty much no one asked for, and one that is incredibly redundant. Why does every site with a feed seek to alter the concept of time?

Two decades of healthy growth, followed by four to eight decades of slow-motion physical and mental collapse - that's life, for most of us, despite the efforts of various deluded cranks and tech billionaires. Time spares nothing, and seems particularly to have it out for our faces, paying just as much attention to skin-level deformations (worry-lines, wrinkles, tumorous outgrowths) as it does to the large-scale hollowings and saggings which, over time, change the actual shape of our faces.