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Video: Despite what Big Cereal would have you believe, loops, both froot and otherwise, are not a natural part of a growing bird's diet. Nevertheless, one aspiring avian mascot was more than willing to follow his (figurative) nose to the fruity taste that shows, as the footage below demonstrates.


There's so much noise about breakfast lately. Apparently, eating a morning meal makes you more focused, healthier and generally superhuman. It might seem like a lot of hype, but Andong He, a geologist at Yale, actually found a research topic in a bowl of cereal. So keep knocking that oatmeal back.


There is iron in cereal. That's good! But it looks pretty gross. Here's how to find it: soak a cup of cereal in a Ziploc bag with water, mix it up and then rub a magnet over the bag. You'll see the metallic iron trailing the magnet. You eat that!


You won't find any Grape Nuts or Fiber-rich Colon Blow on the Refined Cereal lighting fixture by the aptly titled Refined Sugar Studio. In fact, the light is meant as a nod towards the our favourite sugary sweet breakfast cereals like Capn' Crunch, Count Chocula and Trix. The cereal images are made using ultraviolet protected inks so they should stay bright for years—and the fluorescent light that shines through will undoubtedly cast a unique spectrum of colours around the room. Pricing is available upon request.


This eatmefresh cereal bowl is probably the best non-gadgety way we can think of for keeping your cereal nice and solid despite being submerged in milk. The trick is the shelf at the bottom that blocks up to 70% of the cereal from being in contact with the cow juice, allowing you to scoop down and eat only the soaked bits while keeping the other parts rigid. The result is a good breakfast on your own timetable, instead of rushing to eat it before everything becomes like the place Yoda trained Luke in that one movie.

AU: I like it when my cereal goes soggy! This is heretical to my tastebuds! -SB


Oh technology, how you've failed us. Human progress has come so far, yet is this the best we can do? Cereal straws? Little tubes of Froot Loops that are lined with gross powdered milk? They should call these things Diabetes Helpers; at least then you'd know what you were getting yourself into when you bought them. Want a firsthand account of the horror? Walk with me.