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Palm's savior Centro, long cozy on Sprint and more recently AT&T, has finally moseyed its way over to Verizon (as expected.) In blue.

Talking to APC, Palm CEO Ed Colligan revealed some of the broader strokes of its next-gen OS, upon which the company's hopes for relevance are inexorably pinned. Due in '09, it'll be "a new prosumer brand" that fits "in between the Centro and Treo lines." He refers to the OS as "Palm 2.0" at one point—as in Web 2.0—noting that it's "driven around the Internet and Web-based applications," which APC says it like "a very modern take on the original OS."

By the look of this page from the recently released user guide for the Palm Centro, it looks like the phone will be getting a navy blue version, as well as an all white makeover with gray keys. Even though nothing is confirmed, we just can't tell you how psyched we are.

Released just yesterday, the Palm Centro has our eyes for a few reasons. First, their Treo smartphones have some of the highest ratings in smartphone history on review sites like CNET. So when Palm essentially shrinks their famous Treo and drops the price to $US99 with contract, we have to take a closer look.

So hit the jump for our Frankenreview on the Palm Centro—seven takes that will let you know the whole story.

An e-mail from Palm tells us that the Onyx (black) $US99 Palm Centro will be in Sprint stores this Sunday, but the coveted Ruby Red Centro won't be available until November. That makes for a tough decision, now don't it?

The Palm Centro was a joke until the price dropped this morning. $99 for a full featured touchscreened Palm device is a great value. It loses the heft found in previous Palm Treos, and it's even a little bit...shiny. The only thing to be concerned with is that tiny keyboard. Despite it being targeted towards the same demographic as the Hiptop (Sidekick), it is much harder to use—think iPhone before you get used to it. I'm sure you would adjust; I mean, the kids, the kids, they would adjust. But man, with good looks, a low price, powerful features, and the shedding of the Treo brand name, they may have a hit. Gadget dudes, this is the phone to buy your kid not quite smooth enough to have a Hiptop, or your smart kid who knows enough about gadgets to want the extra features.

12:25 There's little doubt today's event is about Centro. We're here, and we'll just see how it goes while we eat lunch.
12:37 Ed Colligan is up on stage, says he's going to announce a new phone, but first, goes into marketing. Yay.

These leaked Treo 500 ad shots from Alles Windows Mobile confirm the two-colour rumour we posted about earlier. The two colours are grey/charcoal black and white, but the white one has its keyboard censored out for some reason. These are the best shots we've gotten so far, so drink them in, Treo fans.