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The Are You Afraid of the Dark? movie won’t adapt any of the original stories. New rumours hint the Mulan reboot could work some songs into the mix. Doom Patrol could be casting Cyborg’s dad. Plus, new footage from The Predator, and new snippets from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Spoilers now!

Castle Rock’s season finale is next week. But if you thought you had an idea of where the Stephen King-inspired mystery series was heading, this week’s episode, “Henry Deaver,” will make you rethink everything. Or, it’ll confirm all the sneaking suspicions you’ve had all along. Or maybe...both.

The Walking Dead casts another important character from the comics. Guillermo del Toro promises Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark will retain the look of the book’s haunting illustrations. Tom Hardy’s in for the long haul with Venom. Plus, more Predator footage, and a lot of kneeling in prayer from Suspiria and The Nun. Spoilers, away!

Joe Russo teases a darker Captain America and Black Widow in Avengers 4. Fox 21 and McG are teaming up for a Vampyr TV series. Star Trek: Discovery’s head makeup artist teases those big Klingon changes. Plus, a ton of new American Horror Story promos, and Stephen Amell discusses Arrow’s most important new character. Spoilers, away!

The very tense, very enigmatic sixth episode of Hulu’s Castle Rock, “Filter,” is up today, which means we’ve passed the halfway point of the Stephen King-inspired supernatural thriller. Here’s what has happened so far—and why you should tune in for the rest.

A familiar voice has been found for the Sonic movie. ABC has hopes for Agents of SHIELD’s future beyond the next season. Morbius could be casting an important figure from the character’s past. Plus, James Wan on Aquaman’s connections to the rest of the DC universe. Spoilers!

Could DC be making an animated Super-Pets film? Alex Kurtzman teases Star Trek: Discovery’s take on a younger Spock. Get a look at some of the returning rangers for Power Rangers’ 25th anniversary episode. Plus, what’s to come on The 100's season finale, and the return of Fantasy Island. Spoilers now!

Video: San Diego Comic-Con isn’t just about the panels. There are also a ton of cool pop-ups, special events and fun prizes for the con’s hundreds of thousands of attendees. Every year, advertisers spend millions of dollars to get fans excited about their films, shows or other cool stuff. When it’s done right, it can be a funny, cheeky or even introspective experience.

Though sometimes, it kind of sucks.