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The reason an Uber self-driving car fatally struck a pedestrian in March is coming into sharper focus, thanks to the release of a preliminary report on Thursday from the National Transportation Safety Board. But the agency's findings raise a notable question: If the car (a Volvo XC90 outfitted with Uber's own self-driving tech) had had its driver assistance functions from Volvo engaged at the time, including automatic emergency braking, could the impact of the crash been lessened or avoided entirely? It seems almost certain.

Tesla is struggling to ramp up production of the Model 3 sedan, but that's not stopping the automaker from thinking about its next vehicle, the Model Y crossover. And if a report from Reuters is accurate, Tesla wants to start production on that vehicle by 2019. In the same California factory as the Model 3. Which is supposed to be at capacity by then. Aaaaalrighty then.

When it comes to autonomous driving, car enthusiasts are first in line to nix the idea. There's a bit of an overarching fear that, one day, human drivers could be rendered unnecessary and manually controlled driving is banned altogether. But even the CEO of the company with the most advanced autonomous driving fleet on the road today believes humans will always have the choice to take the wheel if they please.

Tesla shareholders on Wednesday approved a compensation package for CEO Elon Musk that could net him close to $US56 ($72) billion, so long as he meets incredibly ambitious milestones. The pay package was approved by a "wide margin," according to reports, despite pushback from some analysts.

Yesterday's news that a self-driving Uber struck and killed a pedestrian in Arizona made it clear that Silicon Valley has succeeded in setting impossibly high expectations for autonomous driving technology. That needs to change.

Ford unveiled a host of new tech features that will be standard on all of its models by 2020. They're calling the whole thing Ford Co-Pilot360. The important base set of features lets the car brake for you in emergencies and keep you in your lane. But that co-pilot name implies much, much more. Sadly, Ford Co-Pilot360, as currently constituted, isn't a particularly good co-pilot.

There's been plenty of chatter about delays to the production schedule for Tesla's Model 3, but the automaker's also reportedly facing a backlog with the more expensive Model S and Model X. For current Tesla owners, that means if you placed an order today, you could get a Model 3 sooner, reports Electrek - so long as you're willing to shell out the loot for the all-electric sedan's more expensive trim.

Tesla's slow start to launching production of the Model 3 sedan has been subjected to intense scrutiny for months, with the company saying just last week that it's planning to start making 2500 per week by the end of March. Now, thanks to a helpful interactive feature from Bloomberg, Model 3 reservation holders and Tesla fans can keep track of the automaker's progress to achieving that goal.

The Tesla Model 3 is said to be in production hell as the automaker scrambles to ramp up and meet demand and orders for the new electric sedan. There have been multiple reports of hand-built parts that should be automated, delays and poor quality control. Now Tesla employees claim batteries are also being hand-assembled at the Gigafactory plant, which could that lead to further issues.