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Up to 60 households in Canberra will be offered the world's most advanced solar batteries at discounted rates under the ACT Government's "Next Generation Energy Storage" Pilot.

Two ACT businesses are working together to offer the ground-breaking systems, which use Tesla Powerwall or LG RESU residential solar batteries as a base.


Briefly: Uber has skirted Australia's almost non-existent ride-sharing rules for almost two years now. The company boasted yesterday that it has completed 10 million UberX in Australia, but none of them were technically legal. Today, Australia's first fully legal Uber ride was completed.


When you think of Canberra, you think of stuffed shirts, public servants and big flagpoles. This video ignores all of that, because underneath all the political in-fighting, our nation's capital is actually a really beautiful place. After Dark is a timelapse around Canberra captured at night, and it's well-worth the watch.


While chatter between the US Air Force is spoken exclusively in English, communications between their aircrafts' electronic systems is more akin to the United Nations cafeteria — a "dog's breakfast of different datalinks," according to Lt. Gen. William Lord. Since the numerous competing defence contractors tasked with building military aircraft often install contradicting and incompatible systems, the USAF employs a pair of legacy NASA fliers to act as battlefield interpreters.