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Several people are dead and thousands of homes and other properties destroyed after wildfires descended on California this week, burning both sides of the state and laying waste to everything in their path. The Woolsey fire has reportedly burned more than 28,320 hectares and hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to evacuate. The Camp Fire has since been declared the most destructive in California's history.

2017 has been a brutal year in northern California, where a series of wildfires have burned through hundreds of thousands of acres of land and left dozens dead or missing. The deadly Tubbs fire in northern California, which is estimated to have burned roughly 5,300 buildings across 36,807 acres and killed at least 22 people, also took out irreplaceable documents which traced the rise of massive PC manufacturer Hewlett-Packard (now two separate companies) and the early years of Silicon Valley earlier this month.

As you may have heard, California is recovering after a rash of deadly wildfires that forced a state of emergency in Los Angeles County last month and killed dozens up north. But with tragedy comes hoaxes. And though a jaw-dropping image of men golfing near an inferno in Washington last month was real, claims that the hill from the Windows XP desktop background is burning are a big, fat lie.

It's understandable that UAV enthusiasts might be tempted to grab amazing footage of ongoing disasters like the northern California wildfires -- providing a unique perspective of a climate change-fuelled catastrophe which has now killed at least 41 people, burned down thousands of buildings and laid waste to hundreds of thousands of acres of land.