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Video: Flying a drone over Dubai? It's been done. Flying as a jetman all across the most famous buildings of Dubai? That too, has been done. It speaks to how nutty and batshit stunts have become (and how accessible it is for us to watch such nutty stunts) that normal nutty and batshit stunts can't be done anymore because well, they have been done. Here's something new though: Team Blacksheep flew a FPV Racer drone straight down the skyscrapers of Dubai. It feels like you're falling down to the ground (as opposed to just seeing majestic aerial views).


Video: Watch as an eagle takes off from the Burj Khalifa and flies high up above Dubai in this incredible video that shows you the stunning view from the eagle's point of view. It's fun to see it calibrate itself at 800m in the air and then recognise its landing target and take an immediate dive toward its trainer.


In January, Dubai photog Gerald Donovan showed us what the earth looks like from the pinnacle of the world’s tallest building, thanks to a 360-degree panorama that was ‘shopped to remove the Burj Khalifa itself. But Donovan today released the original, undoctored image -- and it’s even better than the first one he released.


How high can a quadcopter go? Presumably that comes down to how good the remote and other hardware is. YouTube user Kirikset broke his own personal record over the weekend, flying his quadcopter 750 metres off the ground to inspect a giant monument in Moscow. The video is crazy.


Your feet in a front of a sunset. Your feet sprawled on a grassy knoll. Your feet surrounded by cats. Whatever the situation, Instagram is about giving your friends and admirers a chance to peer through sepia-coloured glasses at the fun and exciting life of your feet. Photographer Joe McNally may have just taken the Instagram foot shot to end all foot shots.