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Does Bullitt still matter? Fifty years since it came out, is the detective thriller -- oozing with Steve McQueen's quiet, simmering brand of cool and famous for its groundbreaking centrepiece car chase scene -- relevant to the young buyers the Ford Mustang once had a monopoly on?

After a hot lap of San Francisco in the Ford Mustang Bullitt, I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter, because this car is an instant classic in its own right.

At this point, it feels like the Fast and Furious franchise only continues to exist so that it can out-do itself. Each successive film culminates in some insane, how-did-they-do-that car chase sequence straight from the mind of an excitable, sports-car-obsessed 11-year-old. But, in the newest installment of their Fan Service series, Digg examines the anatomy of these massive set pieces and tries to identify what makes them different from the high-octane car chases of old.