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Everything that's good, and bad, about X-Men: Apocalypse can be traced to it being part of the successful X-Men franchise. It's not only the third film in the series (in the new movie continuity), but also the sixth (overall), and also the ninth (if you count solo movies) which creates certain expectations — expectations that no movie could possibly meet.


The prodigal son returns! Bryan Singer (X-Men, X-Men 2) is back to direct the incredible-looking X-Men: Days Of Future Past film where the mutant's worst enemy will be an army of robots called The Sentinels. Singer tweeted today the first pic of a full-size Sentinel, and it's amazing.


If you haven't heard of the new web series H+, you're seriously missing out. It tells the story of a world where humans have implanted themselves with a revolutionary new device known as the H+ Nano, which augments your body and allows you to interact with the world and the internet in a way that sees the screen overlaid on your eyes. Adoption is massive, so what happens when a hyper-connected humanity goes offline?