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You've mastered opening your guest's beers with your bare hands, but what about when a dinner party calls for something a little more sophisticated? You can try you hand as an amateur mixologist, hoping you've got the proportions right for the perfect cocktail. Or wait for Brookstone's new Perfect Drink system that guarantees precise pours.


One day, fuel cells may very well be a cheap source of power for all of our electronics. But that day isn't here yet, and from the looks of things, isn't arriving anytime soon. A company called Lilliputian Systems has hooked up with Brookstone to create another fuel cell charger called the Nectar that promises to fully top off a smartphone from 10 to 14 times with a single recyclable cartridge, but at a premium.


Brookstone's Talking Photo Ball is the perfect gadget for those of us who've always dreamt of putting our family and friends into a ball and recording personal voice memos about them. The gadget is simple to use; place 4 pictures in the various slots around the ball, record any message you'd like -- as long as its 15 seconds long -- and voila, your emotional attachment to each individual is placed in a succinct voice memo.

Once recorded, the ball will play your message every time you press one of the pictures or turn the whole gadget. It retails for $15 dollars at Brookestone and acts as an especially good reminder of how your family and friends have wronged you.