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Bourbon is to Kentucky as rum is to the Caribbean, so what the heck is this distiller doing letting barrels of the stuff age on a ship bound for the Panama canal? If you ask Jefferson's Bourbon, they're just harnessing the motion of the ocean in pursuit of better booze. It's chemistry!


Just as gin in Britain and vodka in Russia, America's most renowned for its whisky. This delicious amber liquor once helped turn the tide of the Civil War, it survived Prohibition, and is now once again finding its way into the tumblers of a thirsty public. In his new book, Drink More Whiskey, Daniel Yaffe explores the fascinating history — and current state — of America's signature spirit.


Yup, some people love to drink. And people who really truly love getting ripped can always appreciate a gadget that make knocking one back a little easier. Here's some loot your thirstiest pal would love to find stashed away in a stocking.


Did you party a little too hearty celebrating your Melbourne Cup winnings last night? I think I did. Honestly, I can't remember. All I know is that I woke up this morning feeling like an unvacuumed carpet. Thankfully, James May is here to dutifully explain to you why you and I feel the way we do.


Today is International Beer Day, and to celebrate, Gizmodo Australia is kicking its weekly booze column up a notch by introducing you to Andy Mitchell, a Master Brewer who works with the Australian-owned company Casella. Andy has been in the business for 32 years, has started five microbreweries in three different countries, and everything he touches turns to delicious amber-gold. If you're brewing in your shed and want to know how to get your name out there, or have ever thought about drinking beer for a living, you'll want to hear what Andy has to say.


I'm taking the last sip of home-brewed purple liquid. It's sweet yet balanced, fizzy yet quenching, smooth yet these words look a bit blurry. It tastes like a dangerously well-mixed drink. And just 48 short hours ago, it was Welch's.


Little known fact: Jason Chen is planning his wedding reception for August. And while he and his fiancee wanted to go with a white table cloth affair, I insisted they ditch that stuff and bust out the Party Pumps.


Call it fate, call it destiny, call it luck - Late last week when I popped into the office for my regular weekly visit, there were two very interesting products on my desk: The Heineken Draught Keg you may have seen advertised on Giz recently, and the new Singstar wireless microphones, complete with a copy of Singstar: Queen.