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Chuck Wendig's Aftermath books act as a sort of in-between trilogy, bridging a lot of the gap between the original Star Wars trilogy and The Force Awakens. Each book has been better than the one before it, and Empire's End is the best by far. It also brings a lot of changes and additions to the new canon. Here's everything we learned about a galaxy far, far away.


The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America has announced its 2016 Nebula Award nominees — honouring the best works of sci-fi and fantasy published in the US — as well as its Bradbury (for dramatic presentation, with Westworld cracking the film-heavy category) and Norton (for YA works) nominees.


The word "alternative" appears both in the fun new craze sweeping the government ("alternative facts") and in a few science fiction staple ideas ("alternate history" and "alternate universe", for example). Despite that superficial similarity, legendary sci-fi author Ursula K. Le Guin wants to make sure no one confuses what White House press secretary Sean Spicer does with what she does.