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Dropbox is one of those services that's always getting a minor upgrade or two in the background without anyone really noticing. One of the newest features added to the web interface is the ability to drag-and-drop links into a Dropbox folder for safe keeping — the feature's rather rudimentary right now, but it's a useful way of collecting a bunch of links together and (if you need to) sharing them around.


If you needed a good reason to hold onto your collection of classic tomes instead of replacing them all with a Kindle, here it is. The folks at Peleg Design have created what has to be one of the most adorable bookmarks ever with this tiny reading lamp that casts its soft beam onto whatever page you were last reading. Trying use this on your fancy ereader.


Del.icio.us, a beloved social bookmarking service, is being killed off as part of some "organisational streamlining" by Yahoo and we're already in tears. Here's some advice on how to preserve the memories - and bookmarks - we have with the service.


These little "Leaf-It" bookmark Post-Its could technically work with any book, but I'm going to start with The Giving Tree. From Apree designer Sangwoo Nam, they've made the jump from concept to product. And they come on branches.