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Catch of the day has outdone themselves today with the iBoobs speaker cushions. They're plush breasts with speakers built in! Boobs! Speakers! Quick, someone get me a pillow so I can sit down. Preferably one that looks like a pair of boobs...


Oh Pangao, you got me at "Enlarge female's breast obviously: Pangao breast enhancer can stimulate female's breast, accelerate blood circulation and activate cell renewal and hormone secretion through physical massage with forceful vibration balls inside." YES!


On many Disneyland coasters, there's a camera set up to automatically take your picture as you go down the biggest drop. They then try to sell you said picture at the end of the ride. Of course, this is a great opportunity to flash your boobs and have a bunch of kids see it, so Disney has always kept employees on hand dedicated to weeding out such salacious images before they hit the screens that visitors can see. No more!