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Cartooner, a new board game from comic artists Jason B. Thompson and Jumana Al Hashal, is a comic book fan's dream. The game is similar to Once Upon a Time or Pictionary, only instead of creating fables or trying to get friends to guess your doodles, players use prompt cards to create their own comic books. You combine three random themes, such as "Superhuman Speed", "Service Industry Jobs", and "Desire to Grow Up", and use them to build a comic book over the course of four rounds. As the game progresses, challenges arise in the form of industry trends, such as needing to add a Mystery element or throw in a Natural Disaster.

Let's admit it, most Halloween parties are just the worst. For non-parents, they fall into one of two categories: overpriced club where you spend $100 and can never find a place to sit down, or a house party where one couple (named Sean and Denise) is guaranteed to be dressed up like ketchup and mustard. That's why I've taken to hosting spooky board game nights at my house for All Hallow's Eve. I thought some of you guys might want to do the same.

IDW Games has officially unveiled its The Legend of Korra: Pro-Bending Arena board game, which pits teams of benders in a fight for survival. It doesn't come out until February 2018, but I've had a chance to play an early copy. After many hours of rulebook studying, trial and error, and eventual triumph against my beleaguered husband, I can tell you the game is a blessing for Avatar fans... but might be an ordeal for everyone else.