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Anyone that says you only need one pair of headphones is a lying liar who you shouldn't listen to. There are so many needs to be filled, and my needs are more than most.

Enter: the B&O PLAY Earset (RRP AU$449) - a pair of wireless earphones that cradle your ears with articulating hooks.

Tiny wireless earphones are all the rage right now. Apple, Jabra, Sony, Jaybird, Bose, and now Bang & Olufsen have all joined the race to build miniature 'buds that sit in your ears without cables, and each one wants to be the pair in your pocket. B&O Play's Beoplay E8 takes a fashion-forward approach, but these pint-sized earphones also sound incredibly good for their size.

B&O Play is the Danish audio brand's more accessible, younger, funkier sibling, and it has a new wireless speaker to take on Sonos in your home. Design has always been a hallmark of Play and its much more distinguished older brother, and accordingly the new M5 is an utterly beautiful device -- probably the most stylish I've ever seen.

If -- like us -- you've been a bit turned off the big, glossy Sony stereos sitting in the centre of the dashboard of some Fords, your salvation is here. Ford has teamed up with esteemed Danish audio design house Bang & Olufsen -- specifically the younger, freshier, funkier B&O Play -- in a move that promises better sound in every single future Ford car.

B&O Play is the fun, fresh and funky younger brother of the storied Bang & Olufsen brand, the Danish audio and home entertainment group that has been in business since 1925. B&O Play is all about modern design and convenience, at a slightly more accessible price-tag than B&O proper -- and it's with that in mind that we're very impressed by the small but mighty B&O Play BeoPlay A1 Bluetooth speaker.