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A few months ago an LA real estate mogul revealed his plans to light up the LA skyline with giant animated bilboards. Love it or hate it, that was not the first time someone had the idea of creating building facades like those found in Blade Runner. OObect has put together a list of 15 of these architectural marvels--and the best part is that there are plenty of designs that are not all about advertising.

Hollywood is going a little bit crazy with the unnecessary sequels and remakes these days, more often than not taking a beloved show or movie from our younger years and holding it down while it drowns in a bathtub. Still, there are properties left unmolested, memories that have yet to be tarnished. Trust me: it's only a matter of time. For this week's Photoshop contest, I want to see you imagine some new sequels or remakes that would be so offensive to your precious memories that you would swear off movies for good.

Being the businessman that he is, it wasn't the movie Blade Runner that struck L.A. real estate mogul Sonny Astani, it was the animated billboards depicted in the opening sequence. In fact, the idea has had such a profound effect on him that he plans on making advertising in 2019 Los Angeles a reality ahead of schedule. His plans call for two 14 story animated billboards to be built on condos set for construction downtown.

Knife-proof, machine-washable T-shirt not enough protection for you out there on the mean streets? Bulletproof backpack insert just won't cover enough of your nice, lead-free body? Maybe you need a hoodie with 2mm of Type IIA bulletproofing, enough to stop a 9mm full-metal-jacket round at a velocity of 1,090 feet-per-second. The bad news, besides the US$600 price tag, is that the protection is only in the body, not the hood itself. Bladerunner Ltd., UK-based retailer of the Defender Hoodie, says the pullover also protects you from unspecified "lesser ballistic threats." (Do the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune count?) The hoodie goes on sale sometime in the next month, so please, for your own sake, don't go pissing off any mailman/lunch lady/ex-girlfriend in the meantime.

Leave it to the Brits (probably from Hackney) to come up with a hooded sweatshirt all lined in Dupont Kevlar for "added protection against knife attacks." For your next street fight however, keep in mind that the appropriately named Bladerunner Hooded Top is not knife-proof, only having a "high slash/cut resistance." In other words, you still will need to dodge, duck and jink like Deckard fighting Pris after sinking $130 on one.

In any case, if you are getting one, don't forget to check out the gallery for the $80 old-design Kevlar Gloves with extra knuckle protection (a favorite of Darth Vader) or the metal-friendly detector $80 S.W.A.T Air Wit boots. – Jesus Diaz

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Bladerunner Kevlar Protected Hooded Top