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Kik Messenger's a no-frills app, but it could easily become your favourite way of keeping in touch. It's a simple cross-platform instant messenger which'll work for you and your friends - no matter which mobile platform or country you favour.


We didn't care much when the official Garmin-ASUS collaboration ended this week, but ASUS still has exclusive rights to Garmin's navigation tech for Android phones apparently. iPhone and BlackBerry users can expect to see a navigation app from Garmin soon, though how soon is now? I do not know. Morrissey doesn't know either.


Offline caching, HD video support and high-res photo capture for the iOS apps; photo gallery and multi-photo upload functionality for Android; a BlackBerry app (finally), and app directory for reviews, images and info on the third-party apps using Dropbox's tech have all been green-lit today.


Feeling left out of the World Cup fun, oh Pearl, Curve, Bold and Storm owners? Never fear, because here are three free apps in the BlackBerry App World which will have you staying up to date on the scores.