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Medical device maker Abbott has received emergency authorization from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its new molecular point-of-care covid-19 test, which will allow healthcare providers in a variety of different settings to obtain results almost immediately. The new test can deliver positive results in as little as five minutes and negative results in 13 minutes.

On Sunday Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced some new tech initiatives to help keep Australians informed about the current state of COVID-19. One of these was a coronavirus app - but it's really hard to find on Android.

A network of 3D printer-users has stepped in to help hospitals grappling with critical shortages of protective gear and other vital medical supplies during the covid-19 pandemic, NPR reports. It’s the latest unorthodox emergency measure U.S. health workers, who are pleading for equipment, have been increasingly forced to rely on as America has soared past all other countries in total confirmed cases.

As Charles Montgomery Burns once explained it, the sun is the greatest enemy of the modern man. Giver of heat, but tyrant of time and, frankly, a real pain to people wanting to run power companies. All that free light! Please. But, finally, the sun is going to have its vengeance for mankind’s impetuous ire. That vengeance is Into the Night.

Charter Communications, the operator of Spectrum, has been one of the companies refusing to allow staff to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic, ignoring guidelines from federal, state, and local authorities while citing its “indispensable” status as an infrastructure provider. Spectrum technicians have also been on the front line, entering homes to service cable and internet lines for customers they have no guarantee are healthy, without hazard pay, and reportedly without supplies like masks, gloves, or hand sanitizer.

The story of why we’ve yet to see high definition re-releases of Star Trek: Voyager and Deep Space Nine akin to the Blu-ray releases of The Next Generation is long known at this point. Sadly, the process is too complex and involved, and the footage is too difficult to unmesh from its CG special effects, for it to be worth it to CBS. At least fans are stepping in to give us a glimpse at what could be.

Like other forms of discarded plastic, polyurethane waste threatens the environment and human health. In an encouraging new development, European scientists have stumbled upon a hardy strain of bacteria that appears to thrive off the stuff.

The threat of an unfamiliar virus devastating Native American communities is as old as colonialism itself. When European empires sailed to North American shores in the 15th century, settlers arrived with death as a companion. Diseases such as smallpox and influenza decimated tribal numbers, pushing some to the brink of extinction. Germs were the first genocide against indigenous peoples, long before the direct violent assault they faced from white colonizers.

A third of the global population is on lockdown, and at least 200 million Americans in 21 states, 47 counties and 14 cities are urged to stay home. So people are left with their own devices—literally—to keep some sanity.