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While there are an annoying amount of video conferencing apps being used in the time of coronavirus, Zoom seems to be the one everyone is talking about. Although it's not always for a good reason, like when trolls invade private chats.

Besides being free, one of the good things about Zoom is virtual backgrounds. They're fun and can be used to hide a hideously messy house from your co-workers. Or if you're sneaky, you can even fake paying attention. Here's how to make them.

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You're bored. We're bored. So we've compiled a list of the best board games you can play with two people (or more, if you're lucky/unlucky enough to have been quarantined with multiples). If you're on your own, the one-player list is here, unless you've already reached the point of isolation madness where you get an imaginary friend. Isn't that right, Mr. Flibble?

The Tesla Model Y is taller and has more ground clearance than the Model 3 on which it based, it has an “Off-Road Assist” feature, and Tesla even says on its website that the car is “capable in rain, snow, mud and off-road.” But the Model Y is pretty obviously not an off-road beast—something that’s worth pointing out after a Twitter user posted a video of his Y doing some of the tamest “off-roading” many have ever seen.

The Houseparty app has faced a huge surge in popularity in the midst of the global coronavirus outbreak, and now some people have claimed there are privacy and hacking concerns related to the app. After a number of people alleged their data had been hacked, Houseparty has came out denying the reports and is putting up a million dollars to find out where the rumours began.

First, Tesla CEO Elon Musk dismissed the spread of the Coronavirus that causes covid-19. Then he called the general alarm over the pandemic “dumb.” Then he doubted that there was a shortage of ventilators and said that children were “essentially immune.” He said that “false positives” could account for up to 80% of virus tests. Three days later, he said it was “messed up” that people were calling him a “virus sceptic,” and two days after that Tesla said two employees had tested positive with coronavirus. Elon spent weeks downplaying covid-19, and while Tesla is now starting to help get ventilators to patients (months into the global pandemic), Musk’s early denialism was merely the beginning.

A decade after Scrubs ended, stars Zach Braff and Donald Faison decided it's time for a rewatch. The pair have launched a podcast about the iconic comedy called Fake Doctors, Real Friends With Zach + Donald.

The Federal Communications Commission has announced it’s approved new rules that will require carriers by June of next year to implement protocols to protect consumers against scammers and spoof callers attempting to mask their unfamiliar numbers.

Welcome back to Gaming Shelf, Gizmodo's column all about board games and tabletop roleplaying games. It’s now been a couple of weeks since social distancing started, making at-home game nights feel more important than ever. We’ve got some suggestions on things to play at home, as well as some upcoming releases that take Thanos, Friday the 13th, and Lovecraftian mythos to a whole new level. Plus, we’ve got some free games to check out.

We’re all using video-conferencing apps way more than we ever expected to these days, to keep in touch with friends and family as well as work colleagues. Believe it or not, there are actually ways to be better at video chats. Here are tips and tricks to be the least annoying person on your next group Zoom, Skype, Google Duo, or FaceTime call.

Patents aren’t written in stone, but they’re definitely a glimpse into what a company is mulling for future products. On that front, a newly released Apple patent hints the company is finally recognising that most people use their iPads in landscape mode by shifting the front-facing camera and FaceID sensors onto the horizontal side. The catch is that one diagram shows a notch for those components.

Mobile Suit Gundam is one of the most iconic mecha franchises of all time, but it’s also been going on for so long, and in so many different forms, that getting into it can seem incredibly intimidating. If you’re looking for shows to binge-watch that are full of rad robot action (and little horror of war, as a treat), here are a few interesting—and occasionally wacky—entry points to try.