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Searching for online content has grown exponentially easier since my Nokia N80 (internet edition!), but Google thinks it can do even better. It's testing a new HTML protocol that will make mobile internet shift gears for faster web surfing.

Google, soon-to-be Alphabet, is in the business of thinking up weird futures. Internet delivered by giant condom-looking balloons? Yep. Phones you can rip apart and piece back together? You betcha. Creating genetically-modified mosquitoes to fight malaria? Of cour -- wait, what?

Samsung has a history of making strange stuff. A smartphone with two sloping sides? What? Why? Either way, you have to appreciate, to a certain degree, Samsung's "screw it, let's try it" approach when it comes to some of these ideas. And now a new smartwatch patent shows Sammy's got even more weird stuff to show us.

Yesterday, Samsung sent out invitations to a New York City event where we'll all finally (officially) meet the new Galaxy Note 5. But Samsung has done a pretty horrible job keeping wraps on what the new smartphone actually looks like, leaking everything from CAD designs to these new hi-res photos.

The fabled Apple TV may be the most on-again, off-again gizmo to ever exist, seeming every sixth months a rumour would surface about its impending existence. Now, despite the protestations of billionaire Carl Icahn, Apple has reportedly quietly shelved the idea of making an Apple-branded television.