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I noticed something in the distance while clicking along rural US Route 59 in Minnesota, 130km southeast of Fargo, North Dakota. Two grainy heads appeared out of the water like a pair of Loch Ness monsters. I couldn't make them out for certain, but given the location (Minnesota) and time of year (US summer), I thought they could be common loons, birds that hadn't yet been found by the other birders in my Facebook group. I'd been scouring Google Street View for hours hoping to find them, and here, I thought I'd nabbed a breeding pair.

Waking up in New York City can be like a safari - all you need to do is listen rather than open your phone the second your alarm goes off. I might notice five different species from my bed: Sparrows cheeping, blue jays jay-ing, mourning doves cooing, cardinals pewing, and even a chickadee, well, chicka-dee-dee-deeing.