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Would you spend $US13 on a pair of rubber slippers that start to rot away the second you open the packaging? It's a feature most people would like to see on those aesthetically challenged Crocs, but the O1Ms are from a Spanish company called One Moment and are made from a soft vegetable-based plastic that will completely biodegrade in just six months.


Lobsters! Not only do they have delicious meat, their shells have use too! Researchers at the University of Maine have developed a biodegradable golf ball from lobster shells. It's cheaper than the typical biodegradable ball ($US0.19 vs $US1) and can be hit straight into the ocean without the environment weighing down on your game.


Aluminum cans are convenient! So why would we need a better soda can? Well because even though they're recyclable, they're not really reusable. This soda can is not only reusable, it's also biodegradable. Better for everybody!


While most of us can't avoid the convenience of credit cards (and their reusable nature is commendable), their plastics aren't so good. Now Discover has launched the US's first biodegradable credit card.


Ever get so pissed at your mobile phone that you just want to chuck it into the trash? If Sony Ericsson's GreenHeart phone ever sees the light of day, you'll be able to do it, and nature will take care of the rest. For now, the phone is a concept (aren't they always?), but the designers are hoping to inspire other manufacturers with its environmentally-friendly feature set. Since you're asking, that entails bio-plastic, recycled plastic, HTML docs instead of printed ones, and a zero charger with 3.5mW of standby power. It ain't too sexy, sure, but this puppy decomposes with the best of them.