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It sort of makes sense. Swedish flatpack furniture giant IKEA just acquired American labour on demand startup TaskRabbit. As some have pointed out, IKEA just bought a company that already employs people to build its own furniture. Makes sense!


We know that the FBI has had a hard time finding tech talent and the current US administration has so far shown little interest in hiring technology experts, but we didn't expect this. New US federal court documents show that the FBI has been actively coordinating with members of Best Buy's "Geek Squad" to hunt for child pornography on customers' computers.


Shopping for electronics already feels like some kind of hidden camera prank, with staff who never want to help and rarely know a thing about the gear they're selling. But an artist who refers to himself as Plastic Jesus -- which apparently is not a gag -- took things one step further by secretly stocking displays with a useless plastic box complete with a description of the non-existent product.


If you watched this year's Super Bowl, you probably noticed one thing: Madonna looks good for a 53-year-old. Oh, and also, the commercials sucked. Screw Brady and Manning, where the heck is the creativity, ad people? You guys are boring me. I need something more than King Elton John and moonwalking dogs.


If for some reason you thought Best Buy Buy Back - a trade-in program in which you pay Best Buy up front for the guarantee that they'll buy back your gear for a pittance down the line - was a profitable way to get rid of your old gadgets, let Digital Trends disabuse you. They ran the numbers and found that you're potentially losing hundreds by selling your gadgets to the retailers instead of flipping them online.