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Kohler, WI sits sandwiched between farmland and road houses, slightly west of Sheboygan. It's deposited in an area once so thick with trees that early white guys had to use Indian trails to get their Manifest Destiny on — before growing tired of all that and chopping everything down for the paper mills.


Soft LED lighting, go. Water jets, go. Warp drive, go. Life support, go. Champagne bottle, go. Good company, go. All systems go for perfect bath for two.


Back in 1970, Sanyo envisioned a future where manual bathing was obsolete and head-washing was (apparently) optional. At the World Expo in Osaka, Sanyo unveiled their plan in the form of the Ultrasonic Bath.


OK, you fool! Have you showered today? Neither have I. So take a bubble bath instead. With me, Mr. T! Or if you don't like me, you can try Jesus (the rubber ducky).

AU:This is old news - I featured this in T3 probably 3 years ago now. But they're still a good idea as a stocking stuffer for Xmas, although you've probably left it a bit late for this year...