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Video: I'm not 100 per cent sure the skier in the video didn't clip his head on the boots of the people sitting on the ski lift. But even if he did, he's still badarse enough to complete a casual double backflip off a wild jump. I've watched the video multiple times and it's totally nuts. After he completes the first flip he's basically eye level with the lift, and yet he kept on spinning to nail the trick. The distance he travels in the air is sick.

We no longer live on Earth, my friends. We're in some weird world where people can do the impossible. Do you want to fly? You should try. Do you want to spin in the air in both directions? I think you can. Because this insane Superman double backflip bicycle trick destroys everything that should be humanly possible. The rider does a full back flip while fully extended in a Superman pose, somehow re-gathers himself onto the bike and then does another full back flip. All in one jump. Sweet.

Ever looked at the traffic jam on your way to work one day and thought: "I could backflip this and save so much time..."? Turns out you can actually backflip a hatchback -- a Mini Cooper to be precise -- but only in a very specific and very icy set of circumstances.

MOTOBLUR has just been introduced in Australia along with two new smartphones called DEXT and BACKFLIP. Developed by Motorola and built on Android, MOTOBLUR features customisable widgets that serve one purpose: to help you socialise online.

Motorola's making a comeback with the recent launch of two new handsets, DEXT and BACKFLIP. They're the first to feature Motorola's Android-powered MOTOBLUR interface, and it's a combination that brings endless possibilities for customisation. And apps. Lots of apps.

Motorola’s popped back up on the smartphone radar in a big way - they’ve recently announced that there’ll be no less than 20 new handsets released worldwide this year, and two have just been launched in Australia. One of them is BACKFLIP, and it's set to give the smartphone market a run for its money.

(Probable) Fact: Gizmodo readers have bigger social lives online than offline, tweeting, Facestalking, YouTubing, Gmailing and reading Gizmodo. Motorola knows who you are and has just released two new smartphones that are as social as you are. This one's called DEXT.