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Baby Driver is out in cinemas right now, so we sat down with our favourite Edgar Wright while he was in Sydney to talk about the music-fueled car chase spectacular heist film that was ten years in the making.

Is Baby dressed as Han Solo? We asked him that, too.

At first glance, Baby Driver doesn't look like it uses genre conventions in the way that Edgar Wright's other works have. While you can easily see the homages to zombie horror and paranoid sci-fi in Shaun of the Dead and World's End, the fusion at the heart of Baby Driver's DNA is initially more elusive to parse. But once you put sunglasses on and deconstruct it, it's right there: The new movie is a musical where car chases are the "songs". And it rocks.

Hey, so remember when Mark Hamill said that when he got the script for The Last Jedi he told director Rian Johnson that he "pretty much fundamentally disagree" with "every choice" made for Luke? Well, he'd like to explain that a bit. Plus: More details on the Justice League reshoots, and Deckard and Baby Gosling are going somewhere very bizarre in Blade Runner 2049. Spoilers! You can't eat just one!

It's been ages since we've gotten to watch a Edgar Wright movie -- which sucks. But if this new trailer is anything to go by Baby Driver, his upcoming project, looks incredible. Which is good.