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Social media can make celebrities out of the most unlikely people. Or, in some cases, the most unlikely of animals. Such was the case with Patrick the Wombat, who died yesterday at the age of 32. And his fans have taken to Facebook to express their grief.


Queensland was hit hard this week by a vicious tropical cyclone. And while there has been property damage, thankfully no one was seriously injured by Cyclone Debbie. Well, no one, unless you count this 1.5m long shark that was found dead yesterday near the floodwaters.


Nineties kids who've always wanted to visit Jurassic Park to meet Jeff Goldblum — and dinosaurs — are in for a treat: A team of palaeontologists from the University of Queensland in Brisbane is claiming to have found the largest-ever dinosaur footprint in a region dubbed "Australia's Jurassic Park". While there hasn't been a Jeff Goldblum sighting (yet), the researchers have identified 21 different types of dinosaur tracks within a 25km region of the Dampier Peninsula coastline, including a gigantic one measuring 1.75m in length.


The public debate over the problems of electricity supply displays a curious disconnect. On the one hand, there is virtually universal agreement that the system is in crisis. After 25 years, the promised outcomes of reform – cheaper and more reliable electricity, competitive markets and rational investment decisions – are further away than ever.


Parts of eastern and central Australia are in the midst of a horrific heatwave, with temperatures reaching as high as 46C. Alarmingly, the record-setting conditions are expected to worsen over the coming weekend. While it's always hard to tie individual meteorological events to climate change, one can't help but consider the role our ever-warming atmosphere is playing.