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Everyone's got a bit of AirPod fever, it seems. In the wake of Apple's announcement of its tiny wire-free rechargeable earbuds, every man and his dog has introduced some kind of wireless earphones. Bose's first look like they could well be the pick of the litter, too — in part due to a new antenna setup for reliable Bluetooth, a common complaint with these tiny earbuds.


The numbers don't lie: when it comes to raw performance, the new iPhone's A11 Bionic chip — designed in-house by Apple, just like previous barnstomers like the A10X Fusion — beats all competitors. No Android phone can come close, and even Apple's own MacBook Pro doesn't have the chops of the iPhone when it comes to bursts of pure speed.


It's the first day of the school holidays, and from 5:20am this morning until just a few moments ago all flights leaving Sydney Airport - Australia's largest - were grounded. Some flights have started up again, but Airport officials have warned passengers should expect lengthy delays.

The cause of all this ruckus? Ground traffic control was hit with a power outage.


While not to be considered a replacement for medication or professional therapy, a new study shows smartphone apps can be an effective treatment option for depression.

With depression currently the most prevalent mental disorder in the world, mental health services are struggling to meet the demand for treatment - and the researchers believe apps can help.


It's happening - finally. In the midst of the 68th International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide, the Federal Government has announced plans to establish an Australian space agency - with Acting science minister Michaelia Cash calling the move "crucial".

Back in July the Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science announced a review of the country's space industry capability, led by an Expert Review Group and chaired by former CSIRO chief executive Dr Megan Clark.

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If you’ve just invested in a Samsung Galaxy Note8, Samsung’s most expensive phone yet, then you’re going to want to protect it from the inevitable drops, dings and dents that seem to occur whenever you pull it out of your pocket. But which Note8 phone case is right for you? Here’s some of our recommendations.


OK, let's not get ahead of ourselves. McLaren won't be deploying an interplanetary squad of space marines to slay brain-guzzling bugs anytime soon. It does, however, have an interest in protecting its valued clients and when one of them asked the company to make some custom armour to protect their body post-surgery, it turns out McLaren was not only happy to entertain the idea, but actually do it.


Bose's QuietComfort 35 headphones are probably my favourite noise-cancelling headphones ever. I lost my pair a month ago on a flight out of China, and the memory still pains me. Lo and behold, what should Bose do but release a new model, the QuietComfort 35 II, with a dedicated button for activating Google's voice-powered Assistant.

Guys, I could turn on the lights in my house with my headphones.


Sometimes, television commercials are great. Funny, thoughtful, iconic - they can be an entertainment medium all on their own.

But there reaches a point where hearing the eleventy billionth funeral insurance plan sales pitch of the day starts to get on your nerves. That's where Mutr comes in.


If you were hanging out to upgrade from your current phone to the new iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, today's the day. Apple, Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and Virgin Mobile have all opened their doors to customers, and for the first time in years, stock levels seem to be pretty healthy.