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If you've watched Stranger Things or Mindhunter or The OA or any Netflix show with 'mystery' at its core, chances are you've been recommended Dark, but scrolled right past.

Dark's high concept is almost certainly what made you scroll instead of hitting 'watch'.

"Stranger Things for adults", "Stranger Things, but German".


But here's the thing: Dark is actually nothing like Stranger Things. In many ways Dark is the 'anti-Stranger Things'. You might even say Dark is the 'Upside Down' version of Stranger Things.

And that's precisely why you should watch it.


Remember BlackBerry? They made those phones with the full keyboard and only corporate executives thought they were worth the time. Well they're back with something a little different this time; they want to help protect the software in your smart car from hackers and other online jerks.

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On a whim a couple of months ago, I decided to start rewatching Lost, a show about people on an island eating fish biscuits for nourishment. Sadly, ABC pulled it from Netflix today, choosing instead to put it all on Hulu. But I got through most of it, and I have a lot of thoughts.

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It’s just over one month since the Hornsdale power reserve was officially opened in South Australia. The excitement surrounding the project has generated acres of media interest, both locally and abroad.

The aspect that has generated the most interest is the battery’s rapid response time in smoothing out several major energy outages that have occurred since it was installed.

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Many Australians will have just jetted back from a well-deserved summer holiday over the Christmas and New Year period. Plenty of us tend to board a plane without thinking about what it’s doing to the environment, but perhaps we should.


If you're an ING customer, you don't even need to touch your iPhone to see how much you have in your bank account anymore. ING is the first Australian bank to offer Siri voice control, with more expected to follow suit.


For anyone familiar with the work of Guillermo Del Toro, they will know that he has a penchant for monster movies, and utilising them to explore both the innate flaws and immense beauty that humanity has to offer.

Although that concept that ‘the humans were the monsters all along’ seems trite, Del Toro manages to explore it in a way that is fresh and intricate. While still hitting on the themes that fans have come to expect from him.

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I first spotted Ruslan Kogan at McCarran International Airport, surrounded by what appeared to be nerdy groupies, before the craziness that was the week-long CES tech show in Las Vegas. The outspoken CEO, always dressed in a t-shirt emblazoned with some kind of geeky slogan, is easy to spot in a crowd.


After years of paltry data inclusions in our phone plans, we've all been conditioned to be weary of watching video on our phones. We turn off auto-play videos in Facebook and Instagram, and if we watching TV on our phones, we make sure we download it over WiFi before we leave the house.

The stupid thing about this is that for many of us, our smartphone screen is one of the best screens we own. With high pixel density and some of the world's best screen tech, often our 5-inchers are better than our 50-inchers.