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To those who have never been to Australia, our slice of the world might as well be a fantastical place of dangerous creatures, strange tongues and general upside-downness. This amazing map of the country by Polish artist Karol, styled after something out of a Tolkien atlas, only reinforces the idea that if you're going to pay us a visit, best beware of dragons. Well, bearded ones anyway.


There's a moment in the newest Thor: Ragnarok trailer that suggests something fascinating about the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As Hela gleefully chokes the life out Thor, she takes a moment to remind him just who and what she is. She is not a queen. She is not a monster. She is the goddess of death.


Virtual Reality is tech's biggest question mark. Could it become a mainstream medium, like movies or video games, or something completely different? A lot of people have tried and failed to answer that question, and while Intel's VR Happy Hour at the New Museum on Tuesday is no exception, roleplaying as a tree and directing a monster is a pretty entertaining way to spend two hours.